Plus Sized Lingerie

I have been thinking a lot about underwear recently – in particular about the difficulty I have as a plus sized woman in finding truly beautiful underthings. 

I realised that somehow, not only are they difficult to find but also I feel an inexplicable twinge of shame in even looking for them. I have no problem shopping for well fitting and attractive clothes but faced with rows and rows of tiny briefs I do the quickest scan I can, trying to peer down at the racks nearest the ground without looking like I’m looking for the biggest pants available.

Even looking online is a challenge. Plus sized underwear is either tacked on as an extra section with what appears to be little thought – the implication being we should be grateful it is there at all, or else is just plain tacky/seedy masquerading as ‘sexy’.

I want what the skinny girls want. I want special underwear. Lingerie which feels pretty and fun and feminine. Knickers for me, not necessarily for the other person in my life. I want lingerie which is comfortable and flattering to me as a larger woman but still feels like gorgeous scraps of silk and lace.

So, I am on a mission. I have a creative background as a jewellery designer. I can’t buy the underwear my heart desires so I am going to make it. This will be a challenge since I have next to no idea how to use my sewing machine and fabric is oh so different to metal but I cannot be alone in wanting this and I will use this blog to record my progress.