Review: Mish Bandelettes


I haven’t been able to go bare legged under skirts since my teens. It’s one of the reasons I don’t necessarily look forward to summer. So, when I saw this post by Fuller Figure, Fuller Bust I was really quite excited. I’ve never subscribed to the idea of wearing shorts under skirts to prevent thigh rub so in recent years have resigned myself to wearing leggings under skirts or sweltering in jeans. 

Last Saturday then I ordered 2 pairs of Mish’s anti-chafing bands – charmingly called ‘Bandelettes’ – 1 plain and 1 lacy pair. They do a range of sizes, all you need to do is measure your thigh and pick the corresponding size from their list. These arrived yesterday, so I have been road testing them since.

They have a thin silicon band at the top and bottom and are made using a stretchy fabric. I found the lacy ones a bit too scratchy for me (I struggle with most lace top stockings for this reason though, so not unexpected). The unisex version however were great – really comfortable, no problems staying up and I think they look pretty good too. I definitely intend to buy more of these before the summer. 

It is really exciting to think that this year I might be able to keep cool and my poor, pale, pasty legs stand a chance of finally seeing some daylight! 

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